The Show will take place at the area of Krakow’s Academy of Sport (AWF) at Jana Pawła II Street.  

Deadline of entries is extended till the 31th of May 2018

Entries can be send via online entry with secure payment : www.dogshows.pl or www.doglle.com.

·         If you want to apply through our website please follow the instructions given by Dotpay system.

You can also send  entry forms with registered post to the following address:

Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce
Oddział w Krakowie
Żywiecka 36
30-427 Kraków, Poland

·         The deadline for sending the application is 31th of May 2018

·         Proof of payment must be attached to the entry form, otherwise the application will not be accepted.

·         Payments to the account : PL 71124044321978001034975931 Swift PKO PPLPW

·         Bank and post charges are to be paid by exhibitor

·         If the application is not paid, the dog will not be placed in a catalogue, and will not be judged at the show.

·         Payments made at the exhibition will not be accepted.

·         Changes of a selected class or withdrawal of entry is only possible till day 18.05.2018

Copies of required certificates (for champion and working class), pedigree and other documents (f.e. World and Europe Winner, Club Winner) should be attached to entry form. The show takes place under the patronage of the FCI. You are allowed to enter dogs and bitches of all breeds, having FCI pedigrees, which are 4 months old at the day of the show.


Payment and fees (Foreign exhibitors):  

·         for the first dog (incl. Catalogue) - 40 EUR

·         for each next dog (without catalogue) - 35 EUR

·         Minor puppy, Puppy class ( without catalogue) - 15 EUR

·         International FCI Champions (without catalogue ) -15 EUR

·         Veteran class ( without catalogue) – 15 EUR



The judges may be changed for reasons beyond the control of the organizers!

Suggested Judges – Group I FCI


 Iwona Magdziarska (PL)

Long-haired German Shepherd Dog, Short-haired German Shepherd Dog

16.06.2018  Beata Klawińska (PL) Polish Shepherd Dog, the otherbreeds of I FCI group
16.06.2018  Elżbieta Chwalibóg (PL) Tatra Shepherd Dog, Collie Rough, Collie Smooth, Shetland Sheepdog, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Schipperke

Suggested Judges – Group VIII FCI

16.06.2018  Elżbieta Chwalibóg (PL)

Golden Retriever, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever, Flat Coated Retriever

16.06.2018  Bożena Banasiewicz (PL) Labrador Retriever,  the other breeds of VIII FCI group

Suggested Judges – Group IX FCI

16.06.2018  Monika Kuriata-Okarmus (PL)

French Bulldog, the other breeds of IX FCI group

16.06.2018  Bartłomiej Lembas (PL) Pug, Boston Terrier, Lhaso Apso, Shih Tzu, Tibetan Spaniel, Tibetan terrier, Pekingese
16.06.2018  Elena Mischenko (RU) Chihuahua Smooth-haired, Chihuahua Long-haired, Papillon
i Phalene, Russian Toy, Bichon Frise, Poodle

Suggested Judges – Group II FCI

17.06.2018  Magdalena Kozłowska (PL) Swiss Mountain Dog and Cattle Dog, Doberman,
Riesenschnauzer, Russkiy Tchiorny Terrier, the other breeds of Molossoid - Mountain type
17.06.2018  Enrique Mate Duran (ES) Miniature Schnauzer black, black and silver, white
17.06.2018  Alin Dumitrescu (RO)

Miniature Schnau zer Pepper and salt, Schnauzer, Zwergpinscher, German Pinscher, Affenpinscher, Do-Khyi, Newfoundland

17.06.2018  Zula Przybylińska (PL) Deutsche Dogge, Fila Brasileiro, Rottweiler
17.06.2018  Beata Badura (PL) SShar-pei, the other breeds of Molossoid – Mastiff type

Suggested Judges – Group III FCI

17.06.2018  Alin Dumitrescu (RO)

Bull type Terriers

17.06.2018  Bogusław Chmiel (PL) Jack Russel Terrier, Parson Russel terrier
17.06.2018  Enrique Mate Duran (ES) Skye terrier, the other breeds of III FCI group)

Suggested Judges – Group V FCI

17.06.2018  Gizela Makarewicz (PL)

all breeds


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